2016 – Day 4

I would really like to just go back to bed. It’s cold out, the furnace is kicking on more than usual, and I’m not feeling so hot.

HusbandJohn is back at work today after a short break, and he’s about to go out of town again for several days. I took care of him over the past week as he fought off a mini-flu or nasty cold, and felt lousy for most of his time off. I am trying not to be sick today. I went back to bed for an hour, freezing, and feeling like I would barf my breakfast. Note that I woke up feeling like I was going to hurl. After some sleep, more ginger ale, the rest of my first cup of coffee, a ginger capsule, an unhealthy amount of cereal, and more ginger ale, I’m feeling better. Mostly.

Today’s to-do list, created Saturday, reads: Call the floor company, bank, library, call the vent cleaning company. The 5th thing, order a replacement pair of Havaianas, was taken care of last night. I will definitely get to the bank and library (those Stephanie Plum books are waiting for me, damn it!); and I think I’ll need to head to the grocery store as well.

Not on the list – working out, though I’ll do 40 min on the treadmill later today. And writing – which I’ll also do, partly while on the treadmill; and the rest in the desk chair from hell. Add to list: find a new office chair. I have 4095 words to write for JanNoWriMo — the online group is doing NaNoWriMo in January, because we hate ourselves, and…because I coaxed them into it. And I’ve done a bad job of kicking off the event, but will change that today. 4095 words isn’t terrible – I’ve done that amount several times, and really, if I get 3K written today, I can spread the remainder over some days.

However, I’m going to go brush my teeth, change into my outside clothes, and get to this to-do list. Do I know how to have a fun day, or what?

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