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2019 – A Return To Purpose

I’ve spent almost 3 years streaming on Twitch, trying to build a brand and creating a thriving community. I started streaming when I lost focus with my writing and lost confidence in my abilities. But after 3 very long years where writing has largely escaped me, I am working my way back to my main purpose: To write, and to get published. There is a lot of fear to overcome. And guilt. But I am confident I can do this.

I will still be streaming. But expect a schedule shift so that I can begin to accommodate writing, as well as instruction, into my routine as I get back into the groove.

Update: Summer Edition | August 2017



There may be a website viewer out there wondering, “Hey Girlnovember, aren’t you a writer? Didn’t you used to write about writing, or about driving, or streaming? Why aren’t you posting blog entries? What’s been going on?” Maybe no one other than my internal voice asks these things, but they are fair questions. Continue reading