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Fall 2014

2014I’m spending too much time inside, lately.  A lot of my view of fall has been from the kitchen slider window.  I keep expecting to wake up and find all the leaves have fallen off or blown away, but the trees continue to flame out in color.  But I’ve escaped the house a few times to get a look at the trees.

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5pm Rain Storm

It’s 5pm on a Tuesday and it’s pouring outside.  Yellow leaves are raining down from the trees on the hill behind our house.  The windows are open.  I’m sitting in front of the kitchen slider with my hoodie on, typing up my writing notes from earlier today.  It’s kind of a perfect evening.

Winter in Northern VA, USA

Snowing in Northern Virginia, USA

Snowing in Northern Virginia, USA

Just a quick post to show we’re getting snow here in Loudoun County, VA.   They’ve predicted that we may get anywhere from 4-6″ of snow today, possibly a little more.  Since the snow began during the early hours of the window predicted, it’s possible we might get the higher totals.  The birds out back have plenty of food under the shelter of our patio table.  In the meantime, I’m safely working from home today and enjoying the stress-free commute.