Twitch Broadcasting & Social Media

Girlnovember broadcasts knitting and crochet on the  platform under “Makers & Crafting” (formerly the “Creative” channel on Twitch).  She is a member of two stream teams: Knotty by Nature and Creation Nation, and has created a positive, friendly and charitable community where viewers talk about crafting, streaming, and life. Please stop by the channel to say hello and join in the conversation!

Girlnovember on Twitch:

Stream Schedule:
Monday-Thursday, 9:30am-1pm US ET
Friday, 9:30am-11am US ET

You can follow Girlnovember on Twitch to get notifications when she goes live. Her schedule is regularly updated on her Twitch page in the “Announcements” panel, found directly beneath the video window. Check there for schedule updates or changes.

Other places to follow Girlnovember on Social Media:

Etsy: GirlnovemberCrafts (
Ravelry: girlnovember
Discord: girlnovember#2471

Last updated: July 2019