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A low brown basket with 8 folded rainbow colored hand knit washcloths inside, atop a greyish wooden backdrop.

100% cotton hand-knit washcloths and dishcloths, available now at .

Girlnovember Crafts specializes in hand knit cotton washcloth and dishcloth bundles, with the occasional knit hat and scarf in the mix. While most items are made to order, there are occasional ready to ship items. All products are carefully handmade so they can be enjoyed for a long time.

Girlnovember Crafts donates a portion of their monthly sales to the charity CCAP Winchester, a local non-profit funded solely by donations. In addition to operating a food pantry and clothing center, CCAP also assists those in need with rent, utilities and more. Each sale helps the shop give back to the community. Girlnovember herself also contributes funds and knitted items to WarmUpAmerica, located in Carrolton, TX. To learn more about these organizations please visit their websites, noted below:

* CCAP Winchester –
* WarmUpAmerica:

Last updated: Jun 2021