January 4 – Year of Making 2023

Yard work and administrative tasks in the morning, and a return to knitting by the afternoon.

A little over a week ago, it was a frigid 9F, and we worried the pipes might freeze overnight. This week it’s been averaging about 60F, even warmer when the sun makes an appearance. With this last shot of spring-like weather, I decided to tackle the shrubs out front this morning, and clear out the brush, before winter temps return this weekend. We should have done this in the fall, but we procrastinated right into the first freeze, and well, here we are. Lots of prickly rose thorns, and likely spider-infested leaves and branches later, I dragged two very full lawn & leaf bags to the garage, and came inside to clean up.

Before and After.

Freshly showered and back in my office, I got a few things crossed off my to-do list, and stared at the loom. While I really wanted to weave something, I wasn’t feeling ready to tackle warping again. Even though the bath mat project turned out ok in the end, I now know I need a little more instruction before I attempt a wider project like that again. So one of my to-do’s today was to sign up for a trial subscription of School of SweetGeorgia, so I could poke at what weaving-specific courses they offer, and see if I’d like to sign up for a quarterly subscription. And maybe I’ll tackle the loom tomorrow, and warp a narrow project that I can experiment with, and play around with some easy patterns.

The remainder of the afternoon I worked on an 8-cloth rainbow set for my Etsy shop.

Knitting Rainbow Washcloths For My Etsy Shop.

The rainbow set is one of my biggest sellers, and I want to have a ready to ship set to list while my shop is taking a brief hiatus from made-to-order items. Today I finished the orange cloth, which was almost complete at the end of my Twitch stream yesterday, and I started and completed the yellow cloth this afternoon. I could have knit faster, but I was multi-tasking social media work and laundry. I also rewashed the woven bath mat to see if a 2nd washing would shrink it even further.

Girlnovember’s Barely Bath Mat

I’m happy to report the bath mat stayed the same size, approximately 24″ wide x 16.25″ long, which is just shy of the smallest bath mat I could find listed at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It’s barely a bath mat, but I’m still calling it that. The texture is so soft and light, and so drapey, it really would make a nice summer weight blanket (if it was blanket sized).

Emails and office cleanup rounded out the day before it was dinner time. I’m looking forward to another Twitch stream tomorrow, and playing around with the loom. And now it’s again time for bed. If you’ve read this far, thank you & goodnight! 🌙

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