January 3 – Year of Making 2023

Today I finished a weaving thing!

I love the way this bath mat turned out – it’s so colorful and bright, and surprisingly light. I decided not to keep the fringe on this piece, so there was a lengthier process of hemming this before setting it in the wash. I am not great with a sewing machine – one of the many *I should learn* items for a future to-do list, and as I always do, I had a lot of anxiety around hemming this. It went ok once I sat down to do it though. While this project is supposed to be a bath mat, I suspect after I wash it up and let the fibers set, I may determine it works better as an oversized placemat.😂 I also ran into challenges with the warp tension failing toward the end of the weave, and resorted to pickup sticks to finish the last couple of rows and twining stitch. I need to understand what I’m doing wrong with my direct warping technique before I start another project, because I ran into this with the purple scarf project in December.

Badly illuminated image of purple scarf, the very first loom project:

Beyond weaving, today I completed my first 2023 Twitch broadcast, which kicked off my return to streaming on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am US ET. I also listened in on a new year’s Zoom session with Jack Canfield and Patty Aubrey. I was weaving while I listened, and it was a good burst of motivation for the afternoon. But as usual, the afternoon got away from me, which I clued into as the daylight began fading as I was hemming the bath mat.

This will have to be a short post. The evening, between dinner and just winding down, went by just as quickly as my afternoon, and it’s now almost 11pm and time to get to sleep. 🌙

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