January 2 – Year of Making 2023

Today was a bit nuts, but I accomplished quite a bit, including weaving a few more inches on this project.

The more I work on my current project, the more I understand that the desk I’m using as a loom stand probably isn’t going to cut it for another wide warp project like this. I keep hitting the mic stand on my other desk when I pass the shuttle from the right. 😂 And it’s very difficult to do twinning or hemstitch with the loom on a hard surface, with no easy way to get a hand under the warp/fabric to catch a darning needle.

And we will ignore the warp threads that are looking off on that back warp beam. Um hmm.

Before getting to work this morning, I spent about 15 minutes listening to a morning meditation and making a tiny digital line art piece in Procreate. I want to eventually do this as a daily practice, but I’ll settle for a couple of mornings per week as I adjust to a new morning routine, and getting back to streaming on Twitch on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am US ET.

The rest of today consisted of heads down work I’ve had on a to-do list for a while. I kicked out several website updates, a Linktree refresh, some Twitch page tweaks, and packaged an order to drop off at the post office — I do have to wonder what the point is of the USPS self-service kiosk, when it’s almost always out of service? I wanted to scan my shipment before dropping it into the package drum. I’m going forward with the assumption the package will be fine. 📦

Lastly I swung by the grocery store, plus picked up a Mega Millions ticket, because who doesn’t want a chance at $785 million.

My office: As mentioned on Instagram earlier today, I tend to crop photos taken in my office while crafting.

The above is my office. Like many people, I suffer from feeling inadequate that I don’t have a 4,000 sqft clutter-free craft room, that’s gauzy and sun-drenched, with stylish furniture. The truth is that I work out of an increasingly crowded bedroom, and that knitting and packaging orders, or weavivng, or bookkeeping, or streaming (which requires lights/mic stands/cameras and camera arms), leaves the office looking pretty chaotic. While I can appreciate the Instagram-worthy pink and white and pristine aesthetic, my office is simply never going to look like that. I try. At some point I really want to install cabinets/wardrobes and shelving to have a cleaner look, but I am happy to have this space, and functional furniture, and the items necessary to do what I do. I am very lucky, and grateful my husband is giving me the opportunity to grow a business doing what I love.

So that was the 2nd day of January, a full day! I’m looking forward to streaming tomorrow and catching up with everyone now that we’re past the holiday madness.

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