New Week – Worky Work

I was able to get a couple of orders out the door early Monday, after knitting pretty much the entire weekend.
* Good news: I got a lot done over the weekend.
* Bad news: My back really doesn’t like knitting all weekend. 🙁

Grey cotton knitted washcloths in progress on a table, next to a painted coffee cup, in front of a sunny window with plants.

I spent the rest of Monday afternoon working on a new Etsy order, trying to finish a KDrama (My Absolute Boyfriend), I’ve been watching on Hulu, and waiting for USPS to deliver yarn that arrived super fast from WeCrochet. The yarn is lovely.

Colorful cotton yarn skeins arranged on a table in front of a sunny window with plants.

This is a batch of cotton Dishie to replenish the colors I’ve been quickly going through.

And with that, the week is off to a good start.

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