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January 2021 Roundup

Despite a list of goals for the start of the new year, I’ve spent most of January completing inventory count, bookkeeping and tax prep. Running a business can be tough, and this time of year is definitely the less “fun” part of the job. Unfortunately, the busy work also kept me from crafting.

Knit Washcloths & Hat

As the month wraps up, I’m finally switching gears, and can begin to focus on orders and future product again. There’s a bit more knitting taking place after dinner — Pictured above are three Etsy washcloth orders, and a custom hat commission for someone who has been extremely patient with me and my knitting schedule. I’m hoping to get back on my social media schedule in the near future, and maybe even manage the occasional Twitch broadcast. 🙂 My writing group has agreed to a set-your-own-goal writing challenge for February. And I’m hoping to also do a better job of posting blog updates.

Now that we’re moving into Feb, I’ve shortened production times in my shop. If you’re interested in purchasing knitted things, please check out my Etsy store, or you can direct message me to discuss custom orders. Wishing you the best for the next month ahead!

Completed My First Crossbody Bag

While I’ve knit tote bags before, this was my first wearable purse. I came up with the design after searching for something simple and comfortable to wear, and in a color that was neutral but that wouldn’t easily show wear.

A hand knit crossbody bag in tan and brown with a long strap.

A hand knit crossbody bag in tan and brown with a long strap.

I had to experiment with a strap design. I initially knit a strap in the round, but it was too narrow and didn’t look right with the bag. Nothing like frogging a couple days worth of knitting.
In the end, a simple dual-strand garter stitch strap worked out perfectly.

If I were to tweak this design, it would be with the insert — I’d make it deeper to allow for the bag to stretch more, and include reinforced pockets. I wasn’t a fan of hand sewing the liner into the bag, but I was very happy with how it turned out. I love the fabric I used and wish I had more of it for a bag for myself. Unfortunately there was only enough fabric for this one bag, which is happily off to its new owner. 🙂

Hand Knit Washcloth Bundles on Etsy

I am super excited about finally being able to offer this rainbow themed bundle of hand knit washcloths! It took a while to figure out the range of colors and procure the yarn, but once everything came together, I was so happy with how they turned out. Brilliant colors, super soft, reuseable — they are sure to brighten up your bathroom or kitchen, and come in handy for washing, scrubbing, or wiping up spills.

Brown basket holding 100% Cotton Hand Knit Washcloths in Rainbow Theme

100% Cotton Hand Knit Washcloths | Rainbow Themed | On Etsy now:

Made from machine washable and dryable 100% cotton yarn. Eight cloths included. Available now on Etsy – hop over the shop and see all the current bundles available!