Saturday Snow – 21 Feb 2015

We kind of knew we were going to get hit hard today – the storm upgraded at the last minute from “wintery mix” to “possible 4-8 inches”. At 8:30am, nothing was happening. By 9:15am, we had heavy snow falling.

By around 1pm ET, we had 5″ on the ground.

5" of Snow - not bad!

5″ of Snow – not bad!

So pretty...

So pretty…

After we shoveled our driveway, and our neighbor’s driveway, and the other neighbor, and those other folks; and the sidewalk down to the mailbox – we got around to measuring how much snow was sitting on the front lawn:

That's a lot of snow!

That’s a lot of snow!

Now, it did not snow 28″, that’s just the only place we had to throw all the snow from our driveway and the sidewalks. Still, that’s pretty impressive! After playing in the cold for a while, we went back inside, figuring it would taper off. Only it didn’t! Around 6pm, I went back out to see what had fallen, and we’d gained another 3″ of snow on top of the 5″ that fell earlier.

View from out front at 6pm ET

View from out front at 6pm ET

Checking out back, we found our patio furniture covered as well:

6pm View from Backyard

6pm View From Backyard

Most of the day was spent playing video games and surfing the web. I made some brownies (um, they’re gone now…), and we drank way more coffee than we needed to. Very toasty warm and comfortable at our kitchen table for the day. Not a bad day at all, and we got a great workout with the snow as well. : )

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