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El Senor Snarky Jingle Snake Jr

One of my viewers, BunKnits , suggested I come up with a tiny version of the Snarky Snake to use as a reward with my Twitch broadcast Revlo currency. I loved this idea, and got to work on it during a couple of my recent broadcasts. The result: El Senor Snarky Jingle Snake Jr!

Girlnovember's El Senor Snarky Jingle Snake Jr.

Girlnovember’s El Senor Snarky Jingle Snake Jr.

The pattern gave me a little trouble though. This was knitted in the round, as the others were, using US Size 4 DPNs (double-pointed needles) and remnant worsted weight yarn. It was difficult to turn the project inside out, which was necessary to stitch closed the head portion. It also proved difficult to embroider the snarky face onto the head – I’m working out an improved pattern to make this easier. But the viewers loved it, including BunKnits, and if they are happy, I’m happy. 🙂

El Senor Snarky Door Snake

After reworking the pattern, I finally finished the first of the door excluders for our foyer. This pattern is using size 4 DPNs (double-pointed needles), and remnant yarn for most of the project. The snake head is crafted in Red Heart “Frosty Green” color – all other colors are random, to keep the pattern unique per project.

Girlnovember's El Senor Snarky Door Snake

Girlnovember’s El Senor Snarky Door Snake

The snake contains about 25 pounds of tiny river rocks, which were used at one point as part of our wedding reception centerpieces. We’ve had bags of these tiny stones for years, so I’m glad I finally came up with a use for them! I used an old, clean pair of pantyhose to hold the stones, tying off the “panty” end keep the stones in place. The tail end of the door snake has a draw string closure, so I can remove the stones if I want to wash the outer knitted piece. As you can imagine, he’s quite heavy, but he stays in place and fits snugly against the door.

A Late December Update



I have done a terrible job of updating in the past few weeks. I can’t point to any one thing; I think burning the candle at both ends just overwhelmed me. I did the Five Scarf Challenge in Oct, the Five Hat Challenge in Nov while also completing NaNoWriMo 2016, and then starting the last week of November, after finishing NaNoWriMo a few days ahead of schedule, I began knitting every day, almost all day, trying to complete a bunch of gifts for the holidays. Continue reading

Finally Finished: Three Of A Kind

After several months of pattern testing, and tweaking, I can now report success with the pillow projects! Yesterday (Oct 27th) I finally completed the Big Pillow Bro, who joins his siblings, ‘Lil Pillow Dude and Bromigo!

Created by Girlnovember, it's the Big Pillow Bro, 'Lil Pillow Dude and Bromigo!

Created by Girlnovember, it’s the Big Pillow Bro, ‘Lil Pillow Dude and Bromigo! (With a rare Girlnovember sighting!)

I need to re-knit the Bromigo (named by Jennzors, one of my viewers), to make sure I have the pattern completely noted. But I’m really excited that I’ve completed all three patterns and have them all in the same colors so I can show them off together. I’m hoping to offer them for sale after the new year. 🙂