Spanish Level 10, Fluency 23%!



I’ve been using both DuoLingo and online resources to relearn Spanish and this morning I finally advanced to Level 10, with my fluency hovering at 23%. For some reason, I can’t quite commit to memory the words cuándo (when), cuál (which), cuáles (pl. which) or quiénes (pl. who). If I read too many practice sessions using all of these words, as well as cuánto/cuántos (How much) and qué (what), I start to make mistakes with all of them. So for now, lots of notes/cheat sheets.

I also notice that now I start thinking about Spanish equivalents while writing english. John and I were playing Technodefirmacraft over the weekend, in which bears attack out of nowhere, and yelling el Oso/un oso! (the bear/a bear!) became a lively joke for a short time. 🙂

Anyway, I’m happy with my Spanish progress. I’ve been learning in spurts between baking, cleaning, laundry and writing.

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