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Girlnovember's Stream Logo

Girlnovember’s Stream Logo

I’m working on a plan to stream knitting on Twitch!

Previously, I streamed modded Minecraft game play on my channel, but I’m aware my gaming skills aren’t that strong, and I found it difficult to talk to gaming like I knew what I was doing, especially to those that clearly had more gaming knowledge than I do. But with the Twitch Creative channels, I can leverage my crafting skills, which I think are bit stronger than my gaming expertise. I’ve been watching several crafts streams this week by Imperialgrrl, Zooshij, and JennyKnits — all very talented, very accomplished artists. It’s been interesting and encouraging to watch their interactions with the audiences, and discover a vibrant and generous community of crafts-related streamers who are also into gaming.

So this week, Monday-Friday, I’m hoping to stream in the 11:30am-1pm US EST time slot. You can find me on my Twitch channel at, and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll receive notifications from me when I’m about to go live for regular and bonus streams. I hope some of you will stop by and say hello!

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