General Update – October 2016



Heya! ::Girlnovember glances at calendar:: So it appears it’s been about 6 months since I updated my blog. ::Hangs head in shame::

Ok, in my defense, I’ve been really hard at work. I’ve been broadcasting a minimum of 4 days a week, for 3-4 hours a day. And I’ve become a Mod on a couple of channels. I’ve been making items for donations and even for other broadcasters. I also started a limited liability company for online sales and income from broadcasting, which required learning how to start an LLC, and then pretending to know how to run it. And then there’s the networking, and planning, and learning, and channel admin work, on top of running the household and having a life outside of broadcasting. In other words, it’s been crazy busy. Very good, but busy.

In the last post, back in April, I talked about hitting 100 followers on Twitch. Let me at least update my current stats:
* 383 followers on Twitch
* 150 followers on Twitter

I am super proud to almost be at 400 Twitch followers! And it’s growing so fast. I actually have regular viewers! People show up to my channel early — To watch me! It’s bizarre and wonderful and impossible for me to describe how happy this makes me. I’ve made, and continue to make, many new online friends. While I was worried the networking might be a little overwhelming, I’ve been fortunate to meet very cool, talented broadcasters and viewers, and am enjoying the rare opportunities to meet in person. It’s been a really positive experience. And it just seems to be getting better.

Going Forward:
I have plans sketched out for not only the broadcast, but for selling hand-crafted items in the near future. I’ll be doing more regular updates here on the website — pictures of projects, recaps of the broadcasts, progress with charity donation items & challenges, etc. Commissions, donations, subscriptions — I’m looking at options to see what is available, what makes sense for my crafting, and the appropriate timing to launch different aspects of the business. While a lot of the above options will take some time to initiate, I am hopeful about the positive impact they’ll have. Baby steps for now, but I’m looking forward to sprinting.

Oh, and I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. I guess I wasn’t busy enough. 🙂

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