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Shiny Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year!

You may have stumbled across this blog because you know me, or maybe you follow me on Instagram, or have visited my Etsy shop, or seen me live on Twitch. Maybe all, some, or none of those things. Regardless of how you arrived here: Welcome!

My plan for 2023 is somewhat simple: Make and do things that bring me happiness and fulfillment. Continue reading

Incoming Refresh

At the moment, it’s Saturday afternoon. I’m sitting in my living room with my husband, both of us working on our computers, and watching ST:TNG on Pluto TV.

I haven’t updated this blog in almost 9 months, which is disappointing. I’m frustrated, because I spend a lot of time creating content – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch, and Discord. I’m not alone in this. But the ease of using those platforms, and the immediacy of feedback, has kept me posting there. I’ve lost sight of the fact that putting time & effort into creating content for myself and my brand is always better than creating content for platforms I have zero control over.

I don’t exactly know how this blog will evolve. But I think it’s time to step back from social media and focus again on posting and building a following here. I hope you’ll join me.


New Year, New Monday, New Goals – 2022

New Year, New Monday, New Goals

I’m working through all the business end-of-year crazy: inventory, bookkeeping, estimated tax filings; and trying to keep up with orders. But I’m also looking ahead to a shiny new year full of new possibilities. I’m in the process of relaunching this blog, so new ideas, product, and content coming soonish. Until then, here’s wishing you the best for 2022!

Moving Past Overwhelm

I sat down at my desk today, and where I’ve been organized and chugging along at a good pace lately, this morning I felt anxious, and uncertain where to start. My to-do list(s) are getting longer. Lately I don’t have a lot of easy items, and I keep trying to finish things, only to end up with more action items in addition to what I’m trying to accomplish, while more tasks pile up. So much of the time we get to a place of overwhelm: long to-do lists, work demands, family commitments, outside stressors. The more there is, the more procrastination sets in, and doubt, and then panic. Continue reading

Slow February Start – 8 Feb 2021

2021 has kind of run over me a few times, but I’m slowly peeling myself off the ground. If anyone tells you running a business is easy, they are either not doing any substantial business, or have people that do all the hard work for them, or they are lying to you. Possibly all three, I don’t know. What I do know is that inventory and year-end bookkeeping closeout and tax prep makes me a very crazy woman. 😀

However, I am seeing light at the end of the business-work tunnel. And I am finally getting back to some crafting!

Washcloths in Pomegranate, Lilac Mist and Sea Turtle

I just finished knitting up this custom order while sitting by a sunny window. It’s not even all that cold out, but it felt good to just sit in a sunbeam. I also had a space heater going. It felt quite wonderful, actually. But the sun is going down now, and I’ve had to get up from my sunny spot to (gently) toss these washcloths into the machine for a quick swimmy swim prior to shipping out.

I’m not sure what I’m up to next. I have a lot of ideas for new or slightly different product. I’m trying not to buy any more yarn inventory unless it’s directly related to orders, so anything I’m making has to work with the yarn I have. 🙂 Updates coming soon.