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Moving Past Overwhelm

I sat down at my desk today, and where I’ve been organized and chugging along at a good pace lately, this morning I felt anxious, and uncertain where to start. My to-do list(s) are getting longer. Lately I don’t have a lot of easy items, and I keep trying to finish things, only to end up with more action items in addition to what I’m trying to accomplish, while more tasks pile up. So much of the time we get to a place of overwhelm: long to-do lists, work demands, family commitments, outside stressors. The more there is, the more procrastination sets in, and doubt, and then panic. Continue reading

A Late December Update



I have done a terrible job of updating in the past few weeks. I can’t point to any one thing; I think burning the candle at both ends just overwhelmed me. I did the Five Scarf Challenge in Oct, the Five Hat Challenge in Nov while also completing NaNoWriMo 2016, and then starting the last week of November, after finishing NaNoWriMo a few days ahead of schedule, I began knitting every day, almost all day, trying to complete a bunch of gifts for the holidays. Continue reading

December Updates

Recently I climbed into the attic and retrieved the small box of holiday decorations – the box we use when we’re not assembling the 1975-era fake tree. This year, our Christmas Corner is decked out with the taped-together CB-tree, as well as a Cylon — because who doesn’t want a Christmas Cylon? Thanks to a cracked camera lens on my phone, the picture is complete with JJ-level lens flare.

CornerTree2015x20 Continue reading

Random Friday Thoughts

* I have an AC Moore Coupon – 20% off my total regular and sale price purchase. I should really use that today.
* Sir Wyld is back from PAXSouth and will finally be streaming again on TWITCH today. I want to Minecraft.
* It’s cold and windy, and I don’t want to go outside. And yet I know I should swing by the grocery store.
* I need to do the writing exercises on the Writing Excuses podcast. Why am I resisting this?
* I want to write everything but the draft of the novel I’m 70% done with – I suck.

Sigh… I need to go write.