December Updates

Recently I climbed into the attic and retrieved the small box of holiday decorations – the box we use when we’re not assembling the 1975-era fake tree. This year, our Christmas Corner is decked out with the taped-together CB-tree, as well as a Cylon — because who doesn’t want a Christmas Cylon? Thanks to a cracked camera lens on my phone, the picture is complete with JJ-level lens flare.


Things are quiet otherwise. Holiday shopping is mostly complete. I haven’t done much writing as I’ve been busy with house/holiday related tasks, but I have completed 3 blankets in addition to NaNoWriMo; have mailed out all presents and cards, and am now onto knitting for myself vs. gifting. We realized our dryer vent may be blocked (continual bare spot on the lint screen), and today a vent cleaning company will arrive to clean the entire house vents/ducts/HVAC unit. Hopefully this will minimize allergies and cut down on dust.

Yeah, I know, the most riveting blog entry evah. :: shrug ::

In January, I’ll be kicking off the new year with JanNoWriMo (January Novel Writing Month), which my online writing group will be participating in, since not everyone could take part in November’s NaNoWriMo. JanNoWriMo is NaNoWriMo, but with an extra day since the month is longer – 31 days to write a 50K novel.

Hope you all are staying warm and well!

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