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A Late December Update



I have done a terrible job of updating in the past few weeks. I can’t point to any one thing; I think burning the candle at both ends just overwhelmed me. I did the Five Scarf Challenge in Oct, the Five Hat Challenge in Nov while also completing NaNoWriMo 2016, and then starting the last week of November, after finishing NaNoWriMo a few days ahead of schedule, I began knitting every day, almost all day, trying to complete a bunch of gifts for the holidays. Continue reading

2016 – Jan 1

It’s January 1st. Minecraft is now an after-hours activity. Chores, gaming, exercising all take place after writing. The goal for 2016 is a story – something (anything…) to be sold and published.

I love gaming. I love lots of things. But I love writing, and I really, really, really, really don’t want to go back into the corporate world. So, I have to sell a story. Preferably lots of them, but I’ll take one sale at this point. So gaming, knitting, and all the other “ings” — you are now in evening hobby status. The work day is for writing.

And… go!

December Updates

Recently I climbed into the attic and retrieved the small box of holiday decorations – the box we use when we’re not assembling the 1975-era fake tree. This year, our Christmas Corner is decked out with the taped-together CB-tree, as well as a Cylon — because who doesn’t want a Christmas Cylon? Thanks to a cracked camera lens on my phone, the picture is complete with JJ-level lens flare.

CornerTree2015x20 Continue reading