Incoming Refresh

At the moment, it’s Saturday afternoon. I’m sitting in my living room with my husband, both of us working on our computers, and watching ST:TNG on Pluto TV.

I haven’t updated this blog in almost 9 months, which is disappointing. I’m frustrated, because I spend a lot of time creating content – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch, and Discord. I’m not alone in this. But the ease of using those platforms, and the immediacy of feedback, has kept me posting there. I’ve lost sight of the fact that putting time & effort into creating content for myself and my brand is always better than creating content for platforms I have zero control over.

I don’t exactly know how this blog will evolve. But I think it’s time to step back from social media and focus again on posting and building a following here. I hope you’ll join me.


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