Update: Summer Edition | August 2017



There may be a website viewer out there wondering, “Hey Girlnovember, aren’t you a writer? Didn’t you used to write about writing, or about driving, or streaming? Why aren’t you posting blog entries? What’s been going on?” Maybe no one other than my internal voice asks these things, but they are fair questions.

The truth is, Monday-Thursday, I’m up at 4am US ET to launch at 5am broadcast. I’m trying to work out Monday-Friday to curb any more weight gain than has already occurred. I have a second broadcast around 10:30am ET — I’m streaming at least 5 hours a day. And I’m working with either my personal company or Twitch-related obligations another 2-3 hours a day. Add in maintaining the household, plus any unexpected “to-do’s” and I’m pretty much fried by 8pm. I can’t even floss every day. And if I can’t find the time to floss, it’s likely blogging isn’t high on the to-do list. It’s nothing personal – I’m just out of mojo by nightfall.

I can however provide a brief recap, as much has happened since April. I’ve now been streaming 16 months and I’m up to 780 Twitch followers. I’ve just crossed the 1 year ownership of my own LLC. I became a Twitch Affiliate this past Spring and a handful of super kind, very generous viewers are now paid subscribers to my Twitch channel! In addition to the best viewers of Twitch, there’s now a thriving online community of creative and friendly folks related to my channel. Things are good. And I’m looking ahead to chasing a Twitch partnership, figuring out how to get my Etsy shop back to work, and working on my long-term road map.

Other things that happened: There was a trip in there to VA Beach. I skipped another Toad tour. My husband accepted a new job, leaving his old job of 11 years — he’s also now working from home. Our refrigerator broke and we had to throw away a lot of food. Our treadmill has begun the countdown to becoming a landfill art piece. Lots has happened. I’ll just assume that you’ve heard the big stuff, and I’ll try to keep you informed going forward.

I’m not writing. I made an embarrassing attempt at CampNaNoWriMo in July, managing a whopping 3,000 words. I was so mad that I couldn’t even do that. And I am having a difficult time getting back to blogging. Going forward, what might end up here on the site are quick status blurbs, progress pictures of my knitting and milestones with my Twitch endeavors and my company. I hope that’s ok. While I am trying to work writing back into my schedule, noveling is going to have to come before blogging. There are only so many hours in the day, and even though I keep trying to stay awake for most of them, I can’t manage to do everything I want to within those hours. 🙂

In the next few days, I’ll be posting some updates about my Twitch channel, and some projects I have in the pipeline. I’ll be putting together a page of vendor links so those visiting the website can find not only my Etsy shop, but info about my friends’ stores and websites as well. I hope you’ll find the content interesting, and that you’ll continue to visit my site.


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