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Saturday Night Knitting Progress

It’s a few hours until Daylight Saving Time begins, and the stack is growing! These are all of the washcloths that I have made so far from leftover skeins. At the end of 2020, I had an entire fabric bin full of leftover rainbow colors. I’m just getting into the leftover blues now. 🌈 When these are finished, they will be listed in my Etsy shop at a special price, since most cloths have one or two joins each.

A stack of knit cloths, blue to red, stacked on a surface in front of a flat screen TV showing the Netflix interface, with the show "Start Up" on the screen.

While I was knitting tonight, we finished the Netflix series, “Start Up”, which is definitely one of the better k-dramas that we’ve watched — enjoyed it from start to finish! It had several actors that we knew from “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”. And we were able to understand words here and there, which is exciting. “Start Up” also motivated me to get back to reading a WHOLE BUNCH of business related books, and review what I’m doing with my business. Definitely check out the series on Netflix if you are one that is binging kdramas. 💗

TGIF – 5 Mar 2021

TGIF! I don’t know about you, but I need a break, and I’m very much looking forward to the weekend — even if I’m still going to be working, and it’s still going to be cold. There will be sun however! 🌞

Photo: A white bowl, with a green stripe around the edge, and a dark blue dishcloth draped over the right edge. Three other blue washcloths are folded to the right of the bowl. Text: Hand Knit Dish Cloths.

This week I’ve started playing around in Canva, which is a graphic design platform. I am using the free version while I’m learning, but I am slowly creating some more professional looking Pinterest pins and other images that I’m using out there on social media. The learning curve is still a bit steep for me — I am not very good with photo editing or layouts. The nice thing about Canva is there are lots and lots of free templates one can choose from and tweak colors, fonts, positioning of text, etc. For anyone lacking skills in this department, the Canva platform is very handy.

Plans for the weekend include one meeting that couldn’t be scheduled during Mon-Fri, some studying (Korean and Spanish), and reading, and a bunch of knitting washcloth samples. But I will also find some time to play video games. 😀 I need a little escape as well this weekend.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a great start to the weekend. Enjoy!

Mid-Week Progress – 24Feb2021

I feel like the week got off to a sluggish start, and I’m trying to make up for that with a lengthy to-do list. Today I’ve managed to get a couple of orders out the door, and complete some social media work as well. I’m knitting a new bundle of washcloths (the pic below) to get listed on Etsy this week, while occasionally watching “Boys Over Flowers”, and “The King: Eternal Monarch”, two very different KDramas I’m enjoying out of many that I have added to my Netflix queue. I’m watching enough Korean shows and music videos now that YouTube and other websites are occasionally showing me Korean advertising. 😀

Four skeins of blue yarn on a table with 3 knit washcloths, one of which is in progress. A sunny window with grey curtains shines in the background.

I’ve been keeping up with my DuoLingo Spanish studies, which are getting slightly easier to review. I am really enjoying the newer DuoLingo format – I don’t know when they overhauled the Spanish program, but I like the graphics and the interface much better than previous years when I’ve used it. I will have to go back to see if they’ve similarly updated the Korean lessons.

I haven’t talked much about Mindset and Manifestation work that I regularly complete to keep me operating in a positive state, and working toward long-term goals. I actually have a lengthy process, utilizing affirmations and written statements, as well as some reading and meditation work I do at night. In January, I stopped doing this work, and it shows with the lack of sales and progress I had for the month. I’m ramping up my practice again, and hoping to get some fresh motivation and inspiration by attending a free training with Jack Canfield tomorrow. I’ve been happy with his free content and books, and want to feel a bit more energized around the activities I need to complete to get back on track with my goals. 🙂

There’s also exercise, re-starting to log what food I’m eating using MyFitnessPal, writing, other creative work that I want to do but have been neglecting. I have no shortage of things to work on. I need more hours in the day.

I hope you’re having a good week and making progress toward whatever goals you’ve set for yourself. Be well, and stay well.

¿Hola cómo estás?

It was a busy day – boxed up an order and got that off to the post office. Completed some business related to-do items. And I began working on some washcloths that are using up all the leftover bits of skeins.

Image of a 1980's era Spanish textbook and a knit washcloth

I decided to drag out an old text book while I was working this afternoon, and see what I remember from high school Spanish. Verdict: I remember more than I thought I did, but not enough to make much sense when speaking it. 😁