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Completed My First Crossbody Bag

While I’ve knit tote bags before, this was my first wearable purse. I came up with the design after searching for something simple and comfortable to wear, and in a color that was neutral but that wouldn’t easily show wear.

A hand knit crossbody bag in tan and brown with a long strap.

A hand knit crossbody bag in tan and brown with a long strap.

I had to experiment with a strap design. I initially knit a strap in the round, but it was too narrow and didn’t look right with the bag. Nothing like frogging a couple days worth of knitting.
In the end, a simple dual-strand garter stitch strap worked out perfectly.

If I were to tweak this design, it would be with the insert — I’d make it deeper to allow for the bag to stretch more, and include reinforced pockets. I wasn’t a fan of hand sewing the liner into the bag, but I was very happy with how it turned out. I love the fabric I used and wish I had more of it for a bag for myself. Unfortunately there was only enough fabric for this one bag, which is happily off to its new owner. 🙂

Hand Knit Washcloth Bundles on Etsy

I am super excited about finally being able to offer this rainbow themed bundle of hand knit washcloths! It took a while to figure out the range of colors and procure the yarn, but once everything came together, I was so happy with how they turned out. Brilliant colors, super soft, reuseable — they are sure to brighten up your bathroom or kitchen, and come in handy for washing, scrubbing, or wiping up spills.

Brown basket holding 100% Cotton Hand Knit Washcloths in Rainbow Theme

100% Cotton Hand Knit Washcloths | Rainbow Themed | On Etsy now:

Made from machine washable and dryable 100% cotton yarn. Eight cloths included. Available now on Etsy – hop over the shop and see all the current bundles available!

Return of the LPDs

It may be Sunday, but it’s a workday for me!

Girlnovember's Lil' Pillow Dude (LPD) In Progress

Girlnovember’s Lil’ Pillow Dude (LPD) In Progress

Longtime viewers of my Twitch Streams might remember the LPD’s. On Friday, I received an unexpected special order for not one, but two Lil’ Pillow Dudes! I had a really nice conversation with the customer regarding color choices, and how the LPD’s are constructed, especially regarding safety for small children. I started working on the first LPD Saturday. There’s still a lot to get completed, but I’m excited to get crafting these custom orders!