Slipper Time

It’s summer, and acrylic slippers are too warm for this time of year. I’ve been attempting to make cotton slippers, and haven’t success as the fabric stretches. I also haven’t found the correct tweak to the pattern I’m using – it will be a whole new slipper pattern by the time I’m done.

FraizePlays Wears Oversized Slippers -

FraizePlays Wears Oversized Slippers –

I’m back to the drawing board, as this pair didn’t work either (I call these the ‘Blue Monday Slippers). They mostly fit FraizePlays, but they’re a bit loose in the footbed and shift a lot when walking. I’ll get it right eventually though!

Update: Summer Edition | August 2017



There may be a website viewer out there wondering, “Hey Girlnovember, aren’t you a writer? Didn’t you used to write about writing, or about driving, or streaming? Why aren’t you posting blog entries? What’s been going on?” Maybe no one other than my internal voice asks these things, but they are fair questions. Continue reading

Mr. Sticky Up Hair

Last Monday, I came up with a cute little project during my broadcast. I had been looking at making Hexipuffs, but wanted a new craft item that wasn’t already out there. I needed a new project that was quicker than my LPDs and Snarky Snakes as well. Ultimately, I ended up with this guy:

Mr. Sticky Up Hair - Created by Girlnovember |

Mr. Sticky Up Hair – Created by Girlnovember |

Mr. Sticky Up Hair has the same embroidered face as the LPDs and Snakes. But he’s gained a rockin’ haircut, and sports a key ring so that he can go on adventures with anyone that hooks him onto their keys. He’s currently a new offer on my Revlo Rewards Page.