¿Hola cómo estás?

It was a busy day – boxed up an order and got that off to the post office. Completed some business related to-do items. And I began working on some washcloths that are using up all the leftover bits of skeins.

Image of a 1980's era Spanish textbook and a knit washcloth

I decided to drag out an old text book while I was working this afternoon, and see what I remember from high school Spanish. Verdict: I remember more than I thought I did, but not enough to make much sense when speaking it. 😁

Slow February Start – 8 Feb 2021

2021 has kind of run over me a few times, but I’m slowly peeling myself off the ground. If anyone tells you running a business is easy, they are either not doing any substantial business, or have people that do all the hard work for them, or they are lying to you. Possibly all three, I don’t know. What I do know is that inventory and year-end bookkeeping closeout and tax prep makes me a very crazy woman. 😀

However, I am seeing light at the end of the business-work tunnel. And I am finally getting back to some crafting!

Washcloths in Pomegranate, Lilac Mist and Sea Turtle

I just finished knitting up this custom order while sitting by a sunny window. It’s not even all that cold out, but it felt good to just sit in a sunbeam. I also had a space heater going. It felt quite wonderful, actually. But the sun is going down now, and I’ve had to get up from my sunny spot to (gently) toss these washcloths into the machine for a quick swimmy swim prior to shipping out.

I’m not sure what I’m up to next. I have a lot of ideas for new or slightly different product. I’m trying not to buy any more yarn inventory unless it’s directly related to orders, so anything I’m making has to work with the yarn I have. 🙂 Updates coming soon.

Friday Afternoon Crafting

Knitting with a little afternoon sun in the mix.🌞 It’s a perfect day to be inside and crafting because holy moly is it cold and windy out! At least it’s sunny. We are expecting snow for Sunday and Monday though. * . +

Have a wonderful weekend! If you’re in the snow zone, please be safe and stay warm!

Two MultiGreen Washcloths

And if you’re looking for your own set of hand knit washcloths or dishcloths, head on over to my Etsy store – lots of options available, including bundles where you can choose your own colors!

January 2021 Roundup

Despite a list of goals for the start of the new year, I’ve spent most of January completing inventory count, bookkeeping and tax prep. Running a business can be tough, and this time of year is definitely the less “fun” part of the job. Unfortunately, the busy work also kept me from crafting.

Knit Washcloths & Hat

As the month wraps up, I’m finally switching gears, and can begin to focus on orders and future product again. There’s a bit more knitting taking place after dinner — Pictured above are three Etsy washcloth orders, and a custom hat commission for someone who has been extremely patient with me and my knitting schedule. I’m hoping to get back on my social media schedule in the near future, and maybe even manage the occasional Twitch broadcast. 🙂 My writing group has agreed to a set-your-own-goal writing challenge for February. And I’m hoping to also do a better job of posting blog updates.

Now that we’re moving into Feb, I’ve shortened production times in my shop. If you’re interested in purchasing knitted things, please check out my Etsy store, or you can direct message me to discuss custom orders. Wishing you the best for the next month ahead!