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Holiday Order Progress – 3 Dec 2021

TGIF! Though I’m not quite sure what my excitement is about, as I’m going to be knitting/working pretty much 24/7 for the next 3 weeks. 😂 But it’s Friday, yo!

I’m currently working on a new stack of waffle washcloths for an Etsy order, and perusing YouTube for Spanish programming to watch while I knit. I’m all about the multitasking.

I hope your Friday, and your weekend, are off to a great start!

A desktop with laptop and monitor, and a colorful stack of dishcloths, with one cloth on circular needles.

New Month, New Goals – Dec 2021

It’s December, and a chance to close out 2021 with positivity and momentum.

Use the next 31 days to figure out what you want to do, have, be. And then get to work.

It may be something you can put into motion immediately, but more likely, it will require several small steps to get there. That’s ok. Decide on the steps you need to take to put you on your new path. And then, take action. Without taking action, you’re just thinking. Have faith in yourself. Believe in what you want, and your ability to get it. Make that call, write that email, learn that thing, reach out to that mentor. Take action and make things happen. You can do this.

New Month, New Beginning, New Intentions, New Mindset, New Goals, New Focus, New Results.

New Month, New Beginning, New Intentions, New Mindset, New Goals, New Focus, New Results.

Moving Past Overwhelm

I sat down at my desk today, and where I’ve been organized and chugging along at a good pace lately, this morning I felt anxious, and uncertain where to start. My to-do list(s) are getting longer. Lately I don’t have a lot of easy items, and I keep trying to finish things, only to end up with more action items in addition to what I’m trying to accomplish, while more tasks pile up. So much of the time we get to a place of overwhelm: long to-do lists, work demands, family commitments, outside stressors. The more there is, the more procrastination sets in, and doubt, and then panic. Continue reading

Weekend of #amworking

Happy August! I’ve been working hard –36 cloths into my current order, and almost at the halfway point. I’ve found a few new Korean dramas on Netflix to watch while I knit, picking up on a word here or there. Small language victories. 🙂

We might escape the house later today just to feel like we didn’t sit inside for the entire weekend. Hard to believe it’s Monday again tomorrow. 🧶

A stack of hand knit washcloths in blues, greens, and purples, sitting near a sunny window with leafy green plants on the sill.